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Brain- and Body- Aligned Responsive Systems of Excellence

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Youth mental health challenges are on the rise. The educator attrition rate is leaving schools scrambling to fill positions. And everyone is on information overload. As a school counselor, Katie Pagnotta saw these statistics in action and was compelled to create a resource that would synthesize best practices in a way that not only eased the role of the educators but ignited joy within the job. And in doing so, educators would be more aptly positioned to support the needs of all students!

Empowered by the Human Design is the culmination of Katie's passion, experience, and research. It takes historically fragmented
best-practice initiatives such as social emotional learning, trauma-responsive care, mental health literacy, and equity and integrates them into one framework, Brain- and Body- Aligned Responsive Systems (BBARS) of Excellence.

The BBARS of Excellence framework is grounded in evidence-based approaches and strategies within the fields of education, psychology, and neuroscience. Gathering 18 professionals from these
respective fields, the author expertly weaves their interviews throughout the book to showcase a tapestry of collective wisdom. Empowered by the Human Design masterfully highlights the research and science behind the framework and then turns the concepts into simple and practical application strategies that educators can implement immediately.

This book is an
educator survival guide to emerge from challenges as a more resilient, joyful teacher who fosters connection, belonging, and engagement for students.

Advanced Praise

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-Dr. Chris Willard,

Harvard Medical School Faculty, Author, Psychologist, and Consultant

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Jessica Sinarski,

BraveBrains founder and author of

Your Amazing Brain

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